How Do You Know If Your Children Have Selected The RIGHT PATH To End Up With A College Degree?
There are more options available today than ever before and families like yours are overwhelmed from so much choice — so many schools, so many majors and so many careers!

Did You Know?
80% of incoming freshman have not chosen a major
50% of students change their major after freshman year
6 years is the average number of years spent in college
Only 59% of students graduate from college
Those are some scary statistics! You wouldn’t want your child to choose the wrong pathway and end up wasting these critical years, would you? That’s exactly how we felt when our kids were going to college 10 years ago. We were overwhelmed by the information coming our way!  With years of high school administration experience under our belts, we felt like we would be more equipped to help our children than most parents.

It ended up making us more aware of the challenges that other families must be facing while navigating the same confusing waters.

We decided that there had to be a better way! And so we took action.
We created College Choice Today — a pathway assessment system to help students everywhere manage the process of choosing:
The Right College
The Right field of study
the right career
What Do You Want For Your Child?
All parents are thinking the same thing:
  • I want my child to have a good college education
  • I want my child to have a bright future
  • ​I want college tuition to be affordable!
  • ​I want my investment in my son’s/daughter’s future to bear fruit!

More often than not, your children have other priorities!

How do you align everyone’s expectations?

That is another challenge we decided to tackle with our College Choice Today. We wanted our system to give both parents and students the perspective that would help get them on the same page! 

How do we do it? We use a combination of:

  • Science and Technology
  • Human Understanding
  • Our Experience

And with the perfect blend of the above, we help align a student’s unique:

  • Strengths
  • Interests
  • Thinking Style
  • ​Personality
  • ​Cognitive Ability

This is what makes College Choice Today revolutionary!

The proprietary assessment that we developed is more age-appropriate and relevant than the decade’s old assessment tests that high school counselors are still using!

There are a million reasons to choose College Choice Today!

On average, students change their majors 3 times before they graduate.

Clearly, most students do not have the information they need to make the best choices and they do know what they are meant to do.

The other assessment tests that are out there measure the student’s interests or some other single factor. This is not how it’s supposed to be done!

The scientific approach is to perform a multivariate analysis to look at the multiple factors affecting your child’s future.

To cut out the wasted time and money for both parents and students, College Choice Today measures 3 things:

  • Interests: What does your child WANT to be?
  • Personality: Is your child an introvert or extrovert? Would they learn better in a large interactive environment or a small, more intimate one?
  • Cognitive Ability: What is your child actually hard-wired to be good at?
This gives us a comprehensive profile that our in-house experts measure against several of the largest databases from places like the Department of Education and Labor. That is what makes our assessment so effective!
It takes less than 30 minutes!
Most of the assessment tests that are being used out there are not just outdated, they are also unbearably long. Some take almost two hours!

We have found that a student’s attention is lost after about 30 minutes. That is exactly why we have created our pathway assessment to measure everything that matters in less than 30 minutes!

So you must be wondering by now — what will I get to see after the assessment is complete. Well, let’s paint the picture for you.

You’re just one click away from having all this!

The world is moving quickly and so should you!

The pace at which technology is evolving and speed at which automation is ‘eating up jobs’ is more than a little scary to watch.

Careers that have been around for decades are disappearing in days and new career paths that we could never dream of are showing up.

In this brave new world of ours, if you are not at the cutting edge of change, you lose out of precious opportunities to make the best of your life!

This is one such opportunity — College Choice Today is an opportunity for you to create a future for your son or daughter that they will thank you for!

So take the first step and help your child discover the pathways that will lead to a bright and happy future, full of wealth and well-being!
  • Our Revolutionary Pathway Assessment Test - Takes under 30 minutes to complete! Measures your child's interests, personality, and cognitive ability. ($97 Value)
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  • ​Best Fit Careers List - We take your child's career choices and show you information about the required knowledge, educations, skills, abilities, and personality types. In addition, we provide you with up-to-date statistics on the number of job openings, growth projections, regional starting salaries, and opportunities in similar occupations ($197 Value)
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Search: You will have access to over 7,500 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial award opportunities. ($397 Value)
  • College Prep Toolkit - Quick and Actionable Tips From The Pro's: College Prep Checklist, 5 Ways To Stand Out On Your College Essay, The Ultimate Guide - How To Write An Essay, Ace The ACT, Maximize Your SAT Score ($37)

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